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About Our Psychiatry Practice

Dwivedi Tarunendu, MD is dedicated to providing psychiatric care that puts you first. Our Rock Hill, SC psychiatry practice has helped hundreds of adults, families, children, and adolescents since we opened our doors. Let us help you live a better life through our counseling and therapy services.

Psychiatrist or Counselor?

There are many different ways to receive counseling for mental health issues. You may be wondering what makes each type of therapist different.

A psychiatrist like Dr. Tarunendu is part of the most highly trained group of mental health professionals. Psychiatrists are graduates of a medical school and have an MD degree, just like physicians or surgeons. You must have completed a medical internship for one year. Additionally, a residency in psychiatry for three years must be completed in order to practice. Psychiatrists are trained in the biological and chemical components of mental health. They know how medical conditions can cause or contribute to mental health disorders. Because of their advanced medical training, they are allowed to prescribe medications.


Counselors have obtained a Master’s degree in psychotherapy. They don’t prescribe medication and often focus on things like relationship issues, career development, and other stressors encountered in everyday life.

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Professional, Caring Staff

Our psychiatry practice features a friendly, professional staff that always puts you first. Dr. Tarunendu is a helpful, caring therapist. Since our practice features a single doctor, you can trust that you’ll get consistent care in an unhurried environment. Schedule an appointment today for help in dealing with depression, anxiety, behavioral problems, learning disabilities, or other concerns.

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