Psychiatric Care

Dealing with Depression in Rock Hill, SC

Life can be filled with wonder, joy, and excitement but it also comes with its share of struggles and pain. Sometimes these hardships can seem like they’re too much to bear. When you feel this way, you may need help to get back on your feet so you can enjoy life once again. Seeking out mental health services is very important in times like this. Rock Hill, SC psychiatrist Dr. Dwivedi Tarunendu is here to help you reclaim your life. Dr. Tarunendu uses his extensive training to help create healthy relationships between families, children, and adults. Our practice serves children, adolescents, families, and adults as they work through situations such as:




Behavioral Problems

Bipolar Disorder

Learning Disabilities

Care for Victims of Physical and/or Sexual Abuse

Opiate Addiction

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Child Psychiatry

Sometimes it’s difficult for young children to express themselves to their parents or teachers. Dr. Tarunendu has experience working with children of all ages and can help them voice their fears, troubles, and concerns. They’ll get the treatment they need so they can enjoy their childhood. Your child’s well-being is always our top priority.

Adolescent Psychiatry

Going through puberty is a challenge for many teenagers. The stress of finding your place in in the world can be overwhelming, especially when you’re surrounded by modern pressures from technology and social media. Working with a psychiatrist can help your teenager if they’re struggling to fit into this big new world.

Family Psychiatry

Major life changes, such as divorce, the loss of a loved one, or a move can create trauma for some families. Let us help you and your loved ones come together as a whole and heal.

Adult Psychiatry

As we get older, we take on more responsibility and stress. Sometimes these things can cause a strain on our mental and physical well-being. No matter what age you are, seeking help is okay and is an important step towards getting yourself back to a life of success and positivity.

If you’re looking for a psychiatrist near you in Rock Hill, SC, call Dr. Tarunendu today. When you come to our practice, you’ll receive care from a team that puts you first. Our friendly and professional staff promise that your treatment will not be rushed and that we’ll dedicate ourselves to find solutions to help you.