When we’re young, life should be exciting. While it’s a time when numerous opportunities are unfolding, many of the teenagers today struggle with depression, severe anxiety, learning disabilities, and other issues that put a dark cloud over their future. Adolescent psychiatrists like Dr. Dwivedi Tarunedu work to let the sun back into the lives of your teens. Here’s some information on how a psychiatrist in Rock Hill, SC can help young people through these emotional times:

  • What is an adolescent psychiatrist? – An adolescent psychiatrist specializes in diagnosing behavioral problems, such as learning disabilities, anxiety, and other issues in young teenagers. Adolescent psychiatrists, after careful consideration and listening to the needs of the individual, use their vast knowledge and experience to present treatment plans that will best help the teenager’s situation.
  • What do they do? – Our teenage years are full of ups and downs, thanks to mental and physical growth and new perspectives that are gained. An adolescent psychiatrist will talk and listen to your teen and help guide them in the right direction. They’ll be better able to face the specific problems and fears that may affect them on a daily basis and keep them from healthy growth.
  • What will the solutions be? Will you be involved as the parent? – We believe, as do most adolescent psychiatrists, that parents should be involved in the healing process. Solutions for your teen can range from simple life changes to treatment with medication or both. As a parent, you can be there with your teen as we walk through their treatment. A psychiatrist for young adults will work with the parents to help the patient stay on track. As a result, they’ll be at ease and be able to live life free from stress and other issues.

If your adolescent is going through a tough time due to behavioral problems, learning disabilities, depression, anxiety, or other issues, please know help is available. You can call Dr. Dwivedi Tarenendu, MD because we’re always here to help. We look forward to helping your family at our psychiatry practice in Rock Hill, SC.