As an adult, you know how stress feels. It’s not fun and trying to manage it can be difficult. However, it can be even worse for children since they don’t have the skills needed to cope with this challenge. Another difference is that detecting stress in children can be tough. But recognizing this problem is important since many reports show that children who are going through stressful situations have an increased risk for many health issues. Child psychiatrist Dr. Dwivedi Tarenendu has four ways for you to help your child manage his or her stress level.

  1. Talk to your child about their feelings – Ask a child if they’re stressed and they may not give you an accurate answer. They may not know what stress is but they do now if they’re feeling restless, having headaches or stomach troubles, or breathing faster than normal. Dig deeper to ask about specific feelings.
  2. Ask what’s causing them to feel stressed – While they may not know what their feelings mean, kids can often easily identify what is causing them distress. If the problem seems serious and they won’t open up to you, talk to their teacher, school counselor, or a child psychiatrist. Identifying the source of the stress gives you a much better chance of finding a healthy solution to the issue.
  3. Share methods of dealing with stress – Children who experience stress may have their own ways of calming themselves down. But sometimes their outlets for stress can be compulsive and unhealthy. Talk to your children about the calming actions they use and reach out to a doctor or child psychiatrist about whether these stress management actions are in their best interests.
  4. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help – As a parent, you want to help your child feel better, no matter what’s wrong. But some problems require the help of someone who’s trained in these types of problems. Speak to your pediatrician or reach out to a psychiatrist so you can discover what’s best for your child.

To learn more about how to help your child handle stress, call Dr. Dwivedi Tarenendu in Rock Hill, SC.