We all know that education plays a vital part in the development of children’s knowledge and skills. Even in the earliest grades, kids are laying a foundation for their future success. It’s important to make sure they have everything they need to do well in school. That includes how they feel not just when they’re in the classroom, but also when they’re at home. New studies show a striking correlation between a child’s home environment and their performance in school. A child psychiatrist near you who also provides family counseling services can guide you through the steps to creating a better system of support for your kids. Here’s some information from Dr. Dwivedi Tarunendu, MD, a child psychiatrist in Rock Hill, SC, about three ways the home environment can affect your child’s school performance.

  1. Exposure to violence creates stress – Researchers found that children who are exposed to violence are more prone to high levels of stress and anxiety. The violence doesn’t even have to occur in the home. Incidents that happen in the neighborhood can cause stress as well. Stressed out kids have trouble performing up to their potential in the classroom.
  2. Inconsistent sleep patterns affect schoolwork – Children need sleep for their physical and mental health. Scientists have found a link between anxiety, such the concerns caused by an unstable home environment, and poor sleep in children. Further investigation showed that lack of proper sleep negatively impacted how a child handled tasks at school, as well as homework.
  3. Children need coping mechanisms – If there are problems in your home or neighborhood, your child could be dealing with stress and anxiety. Find a psychiatrist who can show them how to cope with these feelings and situations. Learning these coping mechanisms will give your child the tools they need to get back on track for their studies. More importantly, it helps them live better lives.

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