Doctors across the United States have been turning to Suboxone treatment to help those struggling with an opioid addiction. This treatment has become more relevant given the current opioid crisis in the United States. But how exactly does this treatment work? As one of the top Suboxone doctors in the Rock Hill, SC area, Dr. Dwivedi Tarunendu wants you to understand the facts about this treatment so you can determine if it may be an option for you:

  • What is Suboxone? Suboxone is a prescription medication designed to help fight off the symptoms of withdrawal from opiates. Suboxone will fill the receptors in your brain that are tied to opioids and fill them up with a chemical called buprenorphine.
  • What is buprenorphine? Buprenorphine differs from opioids in that it takes on only the physical qualities of a dependence chemical. This means that this chemical acts as a stimulant to your brain, tricking it to think it’s fully satisfied after taking a dose of the drug.
  • It builds a wall to reduce recurrence. Suboxone also builds a wall to block off opioids from further attaching themselves to receptors in the brain. This helps lower the chances of an opioid addiction reoccurring in the future.
  • It limits low breathing. Opioids are known to decrease regular breathing habits. Suboxone, when used as directed, will limit the slower breathing rate. This makes the chances of an overdose highly unlikely.

If this is a treatment you believe can help you or a loved one, talk to Dr. Dwivedi Tarunendu today. No one should never have to face this struggle alone. As one of the more experienced Suboxone doctors in Rock Hill, SC, we can help you or your loved one with this treatment. Contact us to learn more about Suboxone treatment, as well as about the different support methods we offer that will help you overcome this addiction.