If you’re going through treatment for any type of trauma, you might find yourself working with either a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Depending on the situation, you might end up working with both over the course of your treatment process. Many patients wonder about whether psychology and psychiatry are the same thing. While both psychologists and psychiatrists work towards the same goal – their patients’ mental and physical well-being – they each offer different types of services at their respective practices. Here are just a few differences between the two professions that may help you if you’re looking for a psychiatrist in Rock Hill, SC:

  • Education – Both psychologists and psychiatrists go through rigorous training and study. Psychologists usually study the history of psychological development, its issues and solutions, and personality development. Psychiatrists study their practice in medical school and by working in the medical field. Psychologists must earn a PhD or PsyD, while a psychiatrist must earn a MD, to work in their respective fields.
  • Treatment – A psychologist’s treatment plan focuses on treating emotional and/or mental trauma using strategies to help a patient change certain behavioral patterns. They also rely on testing. Psychiatrists also sit down and discuss behavioral strategies to enhance the emotional and mental well-being of their patients. However, since they hold medical degrees, psychiatrists can also prescribe medications as part of the treatment process.
  • Practice – Depending on the severity of a patient’s trauma, you may start by seeing a psychologist but find yourself also working with a psychiatrist at some point in your treatment. As mentioned before, psychologists can only offer solutions that involve behavioral strategies, whereas a psychiatrist can prescribe medication for treatment.

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