Sometimes, children and adolescents need the services of a psychiatrist to help them with their struggles. It’s always a good move to ask for help with depression, anxiety, and behavioral issues. But sometimes married couples or family members struggling with family dynamics such as divorce or death also need the services of a psychiatrist. This type of treatment falls under the category of family psychiatry. But what is this type of practice and what happens during these family therapy sessions? Our family psychiatrist, Dr. Dwivedi Tarunedu, works very hard to offer the best of care for all patients. Here’s what you can expect at our practice if you should need a family psychiatrist in Rock Hill, SC:

  • What is a family psychiatrist? – Family psychiatrists specialize in diagnosing problems that might affect an individual’s well-being, as well as the family’s. Family psychiatrists will listen to the issues families are struggling with, make observations, and offer guidance and advice for moving forward. Family therapists deal with the following issues, among others:
    • Marital conflicts
    • Grief
    • Depression and anxiety
    • Child and adolescent behavioral problems
    • Substance abuse
    • Domestic violence
    • Infertility
    • LGBTQ issues
  • What do they do? – Family psychiatrists give careful consideration to the needs of the patients, then use their vast knowledge and experience to present treatment plans that will help the well-being of the entire family. They can diagnose the overall family dynamic as well as any dysfunctional or unhealthy family behaviors.
  • What will the solutions be? – Family psychiatrists will talk to the struggling family members and offer them different communication techniques, activities to help channel out negative thoughts, and other solutions. These can range from small life adjustments to treatment with medication.

If you believe you need the assistance of a psychiatrist in Rock Hill, SC for family counseling, call Dr. Dwivedi Tarenendu, MD. Our practice is here to help get your family back on a safe and healthy journey to wholeness.