You’ve probably heard about the opioid addiction crisis in the United States. If you or someone you love is struggling with this addiction, Suboxone treatment might be an option that can help. As one of the top Suboxone doctors in the Rock Hill, SC area, Dr. Dwivedi Tarunendu wants you to know the basics about how this treatment works and why it may be able to help you:

  • It’s a medication-assisted treatment – Suboxone is a type of medication used to help those who have an opioid addiction. Used as part of a complete treatment plan, a Suboxone doctor will prescribe this medication to help individuals manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • It’s used along with twelve-step programs – One component of the Suboxone treatment plan is a twelve-step program. This program provides an outline of actions that should be taken in order to recover from addiction.
  • Counseling is key – Counseling allows a Suboxone doctor to address psychological and behavioral issues that result from opioid addictions. As a psychiatrist in Rock Hill, SC, Dr. Tarunendu provides these counseling services as a part of the overall treatment process. Ask us about our psychiatric care so we can help you work through your individual needs.
  • In-patient treatment is available – Some patients require an in-patient program that provides 24/7 support. We can recommend such programs at a hospital or residential treatment center.
  • We’re here for you – It’s hard to face any addiction on your own. However, knowing you have a constant source of support can help you overcome your addiction. You will always have our support and encouragement throughout your recovery process.

Don’t let an opioid addiction control your life. Call Dr. Tarunendu today if you have questions about the Suboxone treatment. As one of the more experienced Suboxone doctors in Rock Hill, SC, we can offer you or your loved one treatment, counseling, and support.